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Noise in the Information City

The information city, like an updated version of the garden city, presents an encompassing vision of an ideal metropolis. Instead of harmonious integration with a green landscape, this speculative and actual city fuses with the organic flow of information technology. Yet in the process of wiring our cities toward a new urban connectivities, we discover […]

Motor Chorus: Spatializing an Automotive City

  “Motor Chorus: Spatializing an Automotive City,” investigates the distinct urban spaces that emerge through driving in the city. Focused specifically on Los Angeles, the essay considers cultures of mobility–from prosthetic car to networked roadway–in this most automotive of cities. Originally written in 1999, this essay was later published in Surface Tension: Problematics of Site, […]

Please Take the Ticket

“Please Take the Ticket” was a project funded by the Jerome Foundation in association with the Weisman Art Museum for temporary public art on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. The installation addressed the pervasive and mundane parking lots through which thousands of commuters circulate on a daily basis. The intervention consisted of a […]

The Television in the Garden

  Published in the architectural zine, loud paper, this essay traces the establishment of the Arcadia Arboretum in Los Angeles, and later the filming of the television episode Fantasy Island within the Arboretum in the late seventies and early eighties. Each “fantasy island” begins within the same physical landscape, but is built up through different […]


This project is at once book art and public installation. An intervention is made within the space of the Twin Cities route 21 bus schedule, and the schedule is reinserted into circulation. The new schedule is part visual guidebook, part map and part timetable. Funded through the Jerome Foundation and the Minnesota Center for Book […]