TiP Lexicon

What if environments are not an external separate object to be known, but rather are the very processes and conditions through which subjects materialize? In defining Environment for the Technologies in Practice Lexicon, I explore a re-articulation of environments as dynamic and interdependent webs of humans, organisms, technologies, and collectives to consider the multiple entities that make existence possible in this time of planetary transformation and climate crisis.

Edited by Brit Ross Winthereik and James Maguire, TiP Lexicon aspires to bring collective shape and grammar to the complex technological worlds we inhabit. For the online platform, the pathway to each individual Lexicon entry consists of an image chosen by each author that speaks to, in some shape or form, their piece. Technologies in Practice researches and teaches within the society-technology nexus. With the TiP Lexicon, the group sought to develop a more open and generous writing form beyond traditional modes of academic production, while contributing a conceptual and critical intervention into our current, and future, state of technological affairs.