The Politics and Affect of Environmental Computing

Kilpisjarvi Station

The Politics and Affect of Environmental Computing” was a working group that I participated in at the Field_Notes / Cultivating Ground arts and sciences environmental data workshop, hosted by the Finnish Bioart Society and held at the Kilpisjärvi biological station, Finland (26 September – 2 October 2011).

During the workshop, I focused on the topic of citizen sensing and nonhuman modes of sensing, and this formed the basis of lively discussions as captured in my citizen sensing blog entry from the workshop.

Following on from this residency, I was invited to deliver a Pixelache keynote on “The Art of Gathering Environmental Data” (12 May 2012).

I have written a text, “Ecological Observatories, Fluctuating Sites and Sensing Subjects,” for the forthcoming collection, Field_Notes: Field and Laboratory as Sites for Art Science Practices, which discusses environmental computing and sensing in relation to fieldwork conducted while at Kilpisjärvi biological station.

A version of this text was presented at “Sense of Planet: The Arts and Ecology at Earth Magnitude,” a National Institute for Experimental Arts symposium organized by Jill Bennett and Douglas Kahn in Sydney, Australia (25 August 2012). The text also draws on analyses made in my paper, “Sensing an Experimental Forest,” published in Computational Culture.